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Now, with MixMeister Fusion people can make all the music mixes they want and get completely professional results.

The software counts on different tools which enable you to edit files 100%. Not only to join one with another with the crossfader effect, but also to modify its tempo, alter its amplitude, vary its frequencies, apply filters and even add special effects.

As if all of this was not enough, MixMeister Fusion counts with the function of starting a project from scratch. To do so, it allows the recording of any sound that is processed by the sound card (instruments, reproductions, online transmissions, etc.).

The program has two working modes: individual system and multiple tracks. With the first one, it is possible to edit one file at the time, while with the latter, you can make general variations.

All the final results can be stored in the hard drive and, then, be played or burned with other applications.

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