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Author's description

With BPM Studio Pro you can not only play your favourite songs in MP3 format, but also you have the ability of mixing rhythms and adding effect to make new melodies that probably will be pleasant for your ear and from others.

Thanks to the tools BPM Studio Pro has, you will become the perfect emulation of a professional DJ, you can for example: make loops in real time, control the synchronization time, vary the speed with which the audio sequence is developed and insert predetermined samples that make the content beautiful, among other things.

BPM Studio Pro brings you to the technology used and approved all around the world in order to develop your own style and rise your imagination up to the infinite.

Limitations of the trial version:

-It is not available the direct burning to a CD.
-It is automatically closed after being played 60 minutes, you can open it again the number of times you wish.

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