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Author's description

Age Of Mythology is a military strategy game in real time, se in the mythology ancient time, period in which gods and men shared territory and ambitions.

The game system is similar to “brothers” projects of Microsoft/Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires II y The Conquerors expansion), which means: recollecting resources, strengthening cities and improving civilization for defending their territory or conquering new fields.

Age Of Mythology has 35 campaigns and tour game modes.

Maps where campaigns and individual games will be set are an indescribable beauty. Graphics quality amaze user which are used to simpler scenarios or less complex ones (such as those of Age of Empires II).

Play a god or conduct your civilization to the height of development, with the help of heroes, mystical powers and magical objects.

Limitations of the trial version:

- You can only play the first level.
- Some features are restricted.

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