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Now with BullGuard you can increase your computer safety to levels never imagined before, because the programme has: antivirus, antispyware, antispam, firewall and a function which allows to make backup copies.

Due to all these, the users enjoy a complete protection of their operative system:they are protected against worms, tojans, rootkits, virus, spyware and all types of malicious codes which try to enter he computer.

The BullGuard antispam filter is mainly applied to the email accounts thus preventing your client to accumulate junk mail.

Besides it protects in real time because it analyzes each one of the information packages transferred. It also has a powerful scanning system.

Finally is convenient to point out that BullGuard updates automatically and, due to that reason, the users do not have to take the trouble to look for each of the innovations of the software.

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